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Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! All of us at the Computer Science Department are extremely proud of your success. We have seen first-hand how much effort you put into your learning. Those countless hours trying to debug that SEGFAULT, or trying to understand that 10-page project specification - it has all finally paid off. Overcoming today’s uncommon circumstances due to COVID-19 should make you and your loved ones proud of you.

Education is the most powerful tool with which you can change the world. We hope you use it to pursue your dreams and accomplish your goals as you move forward. Do stay in touch with us - we already miss seeing you in person in class. Best for a bright future ahead.

--- Huzefa Rangwala, Professor and Chair, Computer Science, George Mason University

College is supposed to be hard. Learning the material is supposed to be hard. Completing the assignments is supposed to be hard. Solving the problems is supposed to be hard. Acing final exams is supposed to be hard.

Finding time and energy to be a student around work commitments, family commitments, health problems, money problems, technology problems, and pandemics is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THE HARD PART. Be proud, class of 2020. If this can't stop you, nothing can. I believe in you.

--- Jeff Offutt, Professor, Computer Science, George Mason University.

Now that the final exams are over, it's safe to quote what Albert Einstein said "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.". With all the tough work, I am sure what remains won't be asymptotically zero. Congratulations on graduating!

--- Craig Yu, Assistant Professor, Computer Science George Mason University.

Dear graduating and not-yet graduating students: I was amazed and impressed by your resiliency this semester. You faced the most unprecedented and unthinkable circumstances the world is going through and kept your eyes on the ball. You attended virtual classes, you delivered your assignments on time, and made me feel physically connected to all of you despite living in a virtual world for the time being.

I wish you all a great life ahead of you and congratulations to the class of 2020.

--- Danny Menasce, University Professor, Computer Science, George Mason University. 

Congratulations to the ending of enduring, and the beginning of conquering!

--- Jim Chen, Professor, Computer Science, George Mason University

I am incredibly awed by the stamina, dedication, and flexibility shown by everyone graduating this year. You've done amazing work and I hope you find your future careers just as challenging (and a lot more fun).

Try not to forget the person you are right now, because that is someone who knows how to finish a race with style :) And when you're old and grey, remember to tell young relatives that "when I went to college, I had to learn uphill both ways". You certainly did. And we are so proud of you.

--- K. Raven Russell, Instructor, Computer Science, George Mason University
Graduating college is a bit surreal - that first day of college probably seems so far away now. Whatever fears or worries you had, you have overcome them to get to this point. The tidy idea of what graduation would feel like is now littered with the reality of days, weeks, months, years spent working towards your goals - and a lot of life and circumstances has happened in between. Whether you've reinvented yourself, faced unexpected obstacles, or just kept going, I hope you can see how far you've come. Seeing students getting started in CS 112 and CS 211, it's so gratifying to see you all in 3xx and 4xx courses a few semesters later - the contrast is striking. We see your effort, we see you grow - and we are so, so proud of you. I hope you see the joy in creating, programming, solving, helping people. No matter where you decide to go next, I wish you the best. Don't be a stranger!

--- Mark Snyder, Associate Professor (Teaching) and Associate Chair, Computer Science, George Mason University
Not everyone is the same. There are some who view education as a necessary passage to a better life and some who view life as a way to a better education. As children we all start in the second category but lose that to the struggle of living. At the university we have tried to bring everyone back to the habit of life-long learning. Perhaps we have. Good luck with that.

--- Dana Richards, Associate Professor, Computer Science, George Mason University
Congratulations to the class of 2020! It has been a long 4 (5,6,...) years and this semester has been unreasonably hard. But you have made it and are really to go out into the real world and continue to make us proud. Things change rapidly out there in the real world. Be bold, be curious, and be willing to experiment with new technologies - there is nothing you can't do.

And finally, don't forget to stay in touch with your professors. We all like getting those emails hearing about your successes. And once we are all back in a more normal world, come back to graduate school - I miss your faces!

--- Liz White, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Computer Science, George Mason University
You have encountered many challenges throughout your college careers. There have been late nights, early mornings, and sometimes long days. You have worked hard, and you have learned much. But this past semester you have done so much more. You have completed your studies while missing fun, activities, friends, loved ones, and your favorite cup of coffee. This is not the way your final semester was supposed to be. But I am so proud that you have continued climbing the mountain, despite the difficulties. CONGRATULATIONS, class of 2020! What a legacy you have left for those who follow in your footsteps!

--- Tamara Maddox, Associate Professor (Teaching), Computer Science, George Mason University

To my students: Before the disruption, I asked you to learn by teaching your peers. And when the disruption hit, I asked to do that even more. And you did! It was amazing to watch. I'm confident this experience, difficult as it is now, will one day help you in your professional careers. Nice work!

--- Anonymous

Some people choose to see the ugliness in this field. The disarray of code. We chose to see the beauty. We've seen things that people wouldn't believe. Reverse Engineering binaries to solve the puzzles of Dr. Evil. We've watched red-black trees glitter in the dark while reading the Tanenbaum book. After this, there is no turning back. You took the right path, so let's jump into the valley of the silicon, and see how deep our field goes!

While I may have 'cribbed a little' from a few good movies, make sure to do the same with all of the lessons you've studied here along the way. Always look back on these experiences and think about how much you have learned, grown, and persevered in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. You can do it, because you have done it! Now go out there, find some part of our beautiful field that excites you and pursue it to the ends of the earth. Become scary good with a language, fall in love with an idea, and work to make this world a better place, one bit at a time!


--- Kevin Andrea, Instructor, Computer Science, George Mason University

Congratulations to our graduates, especially in this time of crisis. I salute all of you in successfully completing your degree, and moving now to create the kind of society you want to live in.

--- Larry Kerschberg, Professor, Computer Science, George Mason University

You are graduating at a unique time in history and your futures are still unwritten. Take this moment to recognize all that you have accomplished. Thank your family and friends who helped you along the way. Then get out there and live your life. You got this!

--- Linda Lane Sheridan, CS Academic Advisor, Computer Science, George Mason University

Congratulations Class of 2020! This is not how anyone wants to end their final year, but you made it despite all the challenges thrown at you in the last few months. Be proud - you're ready for anything. 

--- Jessica Lin, Associate Professor, Computer Science, George Mason University

Congratulations, class of 2020! Life is full of surprises and interesting rewards, and you came away with a special one - a story to tell your kids. When you walk out, you can walk out saying that you earned your degree, and one of the more bizarre twists in modern education couldn't take that away from you. Now go forth on your journey from here, be it by foot, by car, or by 1's and 0's, and may it lead to you to bigger and better things.

--- Ivan Avramovic, Instructor, Computer Science, George Mason University