Dr. Brittany Johnson, an assistant professor of computer science, is researching ways to eliminate or reduce bias in software. “We develop technology using real-world data, but that data can have biases that affect the output of the software,” says Brittany Johnson, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. It happens in software developed for healthcare, banking, and retail, she says.

“For example, in healthcare, we use algorithms that help decide on treatment and prioritize patients. Unfortunately, these have been shown to be biased against certain groups, such as African Americans,” she says.

Johnson is determined to change that. Her research evaluates tools and practices that support analyzing software and its components for bias. “It’s important we understand what’s being done in practice and provide solutions for building and using fair, equitable software,” she says.

Longer article here: https://volgenau.gmu.edu/news/588616