Carlotta Domeniconi is a keynote speaker at WIRN 2017: 27th Italian Workshop on Neural Networks - June 14-16,
Vietri sul Mare, Salerno, Italy. 

Title: Winnowing the Wheat from the Chaff in Complex and Large Data

Abstract:  The need for mining massive and complex data has become paramount in areas like education, web mining, social network analysis, security, and a variety of scientific pursuits. However many traditional supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms break down when applied in big data scenarios: this is known as the “big data problem”. Among other concerns, big data presents serious scalability difficulties for these algorithms.

In this talk I will discuss the big data problem and solutions in the context of complex data I have worked on in recent years, namely, social networks, text, and educational data. I will also present a new method for distributed machine learning which directly tackles key problems posing challenges to successful and scalable mining of big data. Our method is scalable, general-purpose with regard to the machine learning algorithm, and easily adaptable to a variety of heterogeneous grid or cloud computing scenarios.