Research paper co-authored by Dr Wechsler is included in Google Scholar's lists of classic papers, i.e., "a collection of highly-cited papers in their area of research that have stood the test of time." For each area, Google Scholar lists the ten most-cited articles that were published ten years earlier.

This is in addition to the papers  co-authored by Drs. Setia and LaToza are included in Google Scholar's list of classic papers:

  1. LEAP+: Efficient security mechanisms for large-scale distributed sensor networks by S Zhu, S Setia, S Jajodia in  ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (2006).
  2. Maintaining mental models: a study of developer work habits  by TD LaToza, G Venolia, R DeLine in  Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Software Engineering (2006).