•   When: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
  •   Speakers: Student-Run Computing and Technology @ George Mason University
  •   Location: ENGR 4201
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Please BRING your own LAPTOP to participate in this SRCT event!


SRCT Mission

Student-Run Computing and Technology (SRCT, pronounced "circuit") is a student organization at George Mason University which enhances student computing at our school by developing and maintaining systems that provide specific services for Mason's community.

We were founded in 2011 to be a place where students could work together, share their knowledge, and build really neat projects for the benefit of everyone at Mason, as well as run a host of events to help get students involved.


Our primary purpose is improving life at Mason by developing and hosting software services. We give students the opportunity to build their computing experience outside of the classroom, and for the benefit of the Mason community. All of the projects we develop are released under open source licenses so anyone can examine our code to learn, to make changes or improvements, or to run on their own.

As one example, in 2011 two of our members wanted to make it easier to see when dining locations on campus were still open. Beginning together, but gradually bringing in contributions from half a dozen others, SRCT builtwhatsopen.gmu.edu, displaying live the opening and closing times for all of Mason's dining options. Our collaborators then took the skills they learned creating that site with them to interviews and to the workforce. Today, it's our most popular project, visited by hundreds of students daily, and used at our meetings to teach prospective new members.

There are many aspects required to create a functional, useful service, and more still to keep it running. Beyond coding or other technical contributions we need designers, organizers, artists, writers, and testers-- students who may never have taken a CS or IT course. If you're interested in helping, there are plenty of places to devote your talent.

Not only do we work to continually improve our existing projects--let us know if you come across a bug or think of a useful new feature-- but we're always eager to hear ideas for new projects. Working together, our members can help bring your idea to fruition and deployment.

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