List of all syllabi by semester.

Number Section(s) Name Instructor
CS101 001 Preview of Computer Science Duric, Z
CS105 003/004/005/006 Computer Ethics and Society Kauffman, C
CS105 007/008 Computer Ethics & Society Geldon, F
CS105 001/002 Computer Ethics & Society Maddox, T
CS112 ALL Introduction to Computer Programming Dobolyi, K
CS211 ALL Object Oriented Programming All Instructors,
CS222 001 Computer Programming for Engineers Chen, J
CS262 ALL Introduction to Low-level Programming Nordstrom, D
CS306 ALL Synthesis of Ethics & Law for the Computing Professional Maddox, T
CS310 002/003 Data Structures Nordstrom, D
CS310 001 Data Structures Carver, R
CS321 ALL Software Requirements/Design Modeling Dobolyi, K
CS325 001 Introduction to Game Design Gingold, Y
CS330 002 Formal Methods and Models Wijesekera, D
CS330 001 fotmal methods Richards, D
CS351 001 Visual Computing Allbeck, J
CS367 001 Computer Systems and Programming White, E
CS367 002 Computer Systems & Programming Setia, S
CS426 001 Game Programming 2 Lien, J
CS450 ALL Database Concepts Kerschberg, L
CS455 001 Computer Communications and Networking Chen, S
CS463 ALL Comparative Programming Languages Snyder, M
CS465 001 Computer Systemms Architecture Menasce, D
CS468 001 Secure Programming and Systems Simon, R
CS471 001 Operating Systems Wang, X
CS475 001 Concurrent & Distributed Software Systems Carver, R
CS483 001 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Domeniconi, C
CS484 001 Data Mining Lin, J
CS490 001 Design Exhibition Wang, P
CS499 001 Knowledge Engineering for the Semantic Web Tecuci, G
CS540 ALL Language Processing White, E
CS571 001 Operating Systems Aydin, H
CS580 001 Introduction to AI Wechsler, H
CS583 001 Analysis of Algorithms Shehu, A
CS600 001 theory of computation Richards, D
CS640 ALL Advanced Compilers White, E
CS659 002 Theory and Applications of Data Mining Rangwala, H
CS659 001 Theory and Applications of Data Mining Domeniconi, C
CS682 001 Computer Vision Wechsler, H
CS687 001 Advanced Artificial Intelligence Kosecka, J
CS752 001 Interactive Graphical Software Chen, J
CS756 001/DL1 Performance Analysis of Computer Networks Pullen, J
CS779 001 Topics in Resilient and Secure Computer Systems Sood, A
CS782 001 Machine Learning Tecuci, G
CS795 002 Multiagent Systems Luke, S
CS795 001 Sustainable Computing Aydin, H
CS795 003 Software Analysis and Design of Real-Time Systems Gomaa, H
CS895 001 Autonomic Computing Menasce, D
INFS501 001 Discrete and Logical Structures for Information Systems Ellis, W
INFS515 001 INFS-515 Computer Organization Foxwell, H
INFS519 001 Program Design and Data Structures Nordstrom, D
INFS612 001 Principles and Practices of Communication Networks Hwang, Y
INFS614 002 Database Management Lin, J
INFS622 002/003 Systems Analysis and Design Howard, C
INFS760 001 Advanced Database Management Motro, A
ISA562 001 Information Security Theory and Practice Srinivasan, A
ISA563 001 Fundamentals Systems Programming Abdulla, M
ISA564 201 Security Laboratory Srinivasan, A
ISA650 001 Federal IT Security Policy Curts, R
ISA656 001 Network Security Mccoy, D
ISA673 001 ISA 673, Operating Systems Security Stavrou, A
ISA681 ALL Secure Software Design and Programming Wheeler, D
ISA785 001 Research in Digital Forensics Srinivasan, A
SWE437 001 Software Testing and Maintenance Ammann, P
SWE443 001 Software Architectures Malek, S
SWE510 001 Object-Oriented Programming in Java Baldo, J
SWE619 002 Object-Oriented Software Specification and Construction Tray, J
SWE621 001/DL1 Software Modeling and Architectural Design Gomaa, H
SWE622 001 Distributed Software Engineering Malek, S
SWE625 001 Software Project Management Nidiffer, K
SWE632 001 User Interface Design Pettit, R
SWE637 001 Software Testing Ammann, P
SWE642 002 Software Engineering for the World Wide Web Dubey, V
SWE781 ALL Secure Software Design and Programming Wheeler, D
SWE795 001 Software Analysis and Design of Real-Time Systems Gomaa, H
SWE860 001 Software Analysis and Design of Real-Time Systems Gomaa, H