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The Flockbots are a swarm robotics project that has been worked on by myriad students over the years, stemming originally from an undergraduate robotics course in 2005.

The team is presently led by Kevin Andrea, a graduate research assistant with the Systems Laboratory, and is supported by David Fleming, Sam McKay, and Carl Walker, who are undergraduate CS students working with the Autonomous Robotics Laboratory.

The current Flockbot was conceived and designed by Prof. Sean Luke and Michael Bowen. The original code for the Arduino controller was authored by Michael Bowen and David Fleming. The code for the main controller on the Raspberry Pi, distributed processing, communications, and API interfaces was originally authored by Kevin Andrea. Michael Bowen and David Fleming are the two individuals on the right in the following picture. Michael Bowen is in the front row, with David Fleming behind him. They are pictured accepting their award from Dean Ball following an amazing presentation about their work on the Flockbot robot.

This current project is the next iteration on a much larger effort, which began as a course project for a CS 499 special topics course. Below is the team which created the original Flockbot in Spring, 2005.

CS-499 Class Photo, George Mason University, Spring 2005

Standing (left to right): Brian Hrolenok, Jason Youngblood, Shahreen Aziz, Fabio Clavijo, Samir Al Hadid, Peter Naudus, Levi Lister, Rick Green, Dang Nguyen, Brian Davidson, Valli Mukkavilli, Conrad Chmara, Sean Luke, Keith Sullivan

Kneeling (left to right): Erik Sax, Garret Barton, Andrew Bovill, Vijay Selvaraj, Christopher Vo, Aman Gupta, James Fowler, Randy Steck, Charles Gilbert

Rolling (left to right): Robot Club's Trinity Firefighting Robot, Swarm Bots 1 through 8

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