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Mega Plan



We believe that the robot as presently configured will cost approximately $500, not including shipping, taxes, or one-time costs (tools, etc.). In bulk the shipping costs should be less significant. Some of our purchases were at places like Radio Shack, etc., and no doubt there are rather cheaper vendors (edit this page to list some!).

The prices listed as 0 in this table represent these one-time costs or bulk purchases, such as screws, bolts, and washers. These represent significant laboratory costs, but the price per flockbot is negligible when compared to the costs of the other parts. The table is staggered to show major components of the flockbots and their constituent components. The quantity of each component shows how many sets of each of the staggered sub-components are in the flockbot.

The total cost of all listed parts below is $484.96

Robot Construction (Per Robot)

   QTY    Item Cost
Top Base1PVC Sheet12 Square6mm$8.00
Lower Base1PVC Sheet12 Square6mm$8.00
Caster Wheel1
 Caster1Plate CasterWaxmanItem$3.46
 Bolt4#10-2422mm, AluminumPhillips Button HeadIncluded with Caster0
 Washer45mm,2mm (#10)AluminumSplitIncluded with Caster0
 Spacer4#10Aluminum4mm ThickMisc0
Gripper Kit1$25.95
 Servo1Hitec HS-3113.0(4.8V) / 3.7(6.0V).19s(4.8V) / .15s(6.0V)Included with Gripper Kit$6.99
 Mounting Cap1Servo Mounting CapPlasticIncluded with Gripper Kit0
 Gripper Arm2Gripper ArmPlasticModified Grip SurfaceIncluded with Gripper Kit0
 Bolt1#10-3216mm, PlasticTwo-headed Cap, Flat, PanIncluded with Gripper Kit0
 Screw1#4-2816mm, AluminumPhillips Flat HeadIncluded with Gripper Kit0
 Washer13.5mm,2mm (#6)AluminumStarIncluded with Gripper Kit0
 Bolt4#4-4027mm. AluminumRoundIncluded with Gripper Kit0
 Washer43.5mm,1.5mm (#6)AluminumSplitIncluded with Gripper Kit0
 Nut4#4-40AluminumHex 1/4Included with Gripper Kit0
Wheel Mount2
 Bracket1Flange-Style Servo BracketSold in packs of 2 ($1.00)$0.50
 Bracket2Gussetted Plastic Angle BracketSold in packs of 5 ($1.00)$0.20
 Bolt2#4-4014.5mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Nut2#4-40AluminumHex 1/4Misc0
 Washer23.5mm,1.5mm (#6)AluminumSplitMisc0
 Wheel Watcher1WW-11Quad/Clock ModesReplaces$19.95
  Bolt4#4-4022mm, AluminumPhillips Flat HeadIncluded with Wheel Watcher0
  Nut4#4-40AluminumHex 1/4 w/ Star WasherIncluded with Wheel Watcher0
  Riser4#48mm, Plastic1/4 Outer Diameter, RoundIncluded with Wheel Watcher0
  Sticker1Encoder Sticker for WWIncluded with Wheel Watcher0
 Servo1Parallax Cont. Rot.2.74(6v)$13.99
 Tire1O-Ring3.5mm thick70mm0
 Screw1#3-2810mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonIncluded with Servo0
Lower BumpSwitch122-0026Standard MicroswitchFormerly ($4.00
Lower Base Risers4
 Riser1#6-32101.6mm (4), Aluminum8mm, Hex (5/16) part#91115A648$6.01
 Screw1#6-3215mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Washer13.5mm,1.5mm (#6)AluminumSplitMisc0
Main Computer1
 Raspberry Pi1Raspberry PiRev BNewark Part#$35.00
 SD Adapter1Low Profile SD Card AdapterAdafruitNewark Part#$5.95
 SDHC Card1SDHC Card8GB Class$13.99
 Serial Adapter1RPI Serial AdapterBitwizard BoB$6.93
 Bolt2#4-4020.5mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Nut2#4-40AluminumHex 1/4Misc0
 Standoff2#4Plastic6.35mm (1/4) TallMisc0
 Washer23mm,1.5mm (#4)PlasticMisc0
 Washer24mm,1.5mm (#6)AluminumSplitMisc0
 LCD1LVPK162-12 (Now LK162-12-R)Matrix$49.95
 Screw3#2-5613mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Standoff3#2-5625.4mm (1), Plastic5mm, Hex0
 Washer32.5mm,1mm (#3)AluminumSplitMisc0
Servo Controller1
 Arduino Uno1Arduino UnoNewark Part#$27.17
 I/O Shield1DFRduino I/O ExpansionVersion 5.0 (New version 7.0)$16.00
 Bolt2#4-4040mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Bolt1#4-4052mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMatrix Orbital0
 Riser3#4-4025.4mm (1), Plastic6.35mm (1/4) Cylinder0
 Washer34mm,1.5mm (#6)AluminumSplitMisc0
 Nut3#4-40AluminumHex 1/44 Included with Gripper Kit, Rest Misc0
Camera Module1
 Camera1Raspberry Pi CameraNewark Part#$25.00
 Pi-Pan Kit1$39.95
  Screw2#2-328mm (5/16) AluminumPhillips Button w/CollarIncluded with Pi-Pan0
  Screw2#1-486.35mm(1/4) AluminumPhillips ButtonIncluded with Pi-Pan0
  Screw2#2-328mm (5/16) AluminumPhillips ButtonIncluded with Pi-Pan0
  Screw4#1-406mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonIncluded with Pi-Pan0
  Washer42.5mm,2mm (#3)PlasticIncluded with Pi-Pan0
  Servo1Turnigy TG9e MicroServo1.3(4.8V) / 1.4(6.0V).11s(4.8V) / .09s(6.0V)Included with Pi-Pan$0.00
 Riser2#2-5630mm M/F, Aluminum5mm, Hex0
 Screw2#2-5614mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Washer22.5mm,2mm (#3)PlasticMisc0
IR Plate1
 Long Range IR3Long Range$9.75
 Short Range IR2Short Range$7.75
 Bolt10#4-4017.5mm, PlasticPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Washer103mm,1.5mm (#4)PlasticMisc0
 Nut10#4-40PlasticHex 1/4Misc0
Top Base Bolt1
 Screw4#6-3215mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Washer43.5mm,1.5mm (#6)AluminumSplitMisc0
Top Bump1
 Switch122-0026Standard MicroswitchFormerly ($4.00
 Bolt1#4-4020mm, AluminumPhillips ButtonMisc0
 Washer24mm,1.5mm (#6)AluminumSplitMisc0
 Nut2#4-40AluminumHex 1/4Misc0
Power System1
 Rocker Switch1Rocker Single-Pole (Model 275-693)Single-Throw (10A@125V/$2.69
 Battery16-Cell7.2V, 5000mAItem:$37.50
 BEC1Battery Elimination CircuitCastle Creations$24.95
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