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Join the Email List

Questions about using or building FlockBots? Need the wiki password so you can contribute? Join the FLOCKBOTS-L mailing list and post your request. (Alternatively, send mail to with the words subscribe FLOCKBOTS-L in the body of the message).

Contact the Authors

You may also send questions to flockbots -- at -- Please do so only as a last resort. Use the email list above if at all possible.


Unless otherwise so marked, existing software on the website may be assumed to fall under the Academic Free License (AFL), a modern BSD-style license. Third-party software on the Wiki may fall under other licenses, all of which are open source to our knowledge. Examples: the CMUCam code; various Java VMs; Linux drivers; etc. In one case our code is a modification of Acroname's Brainstem code, for which we have secured the rights to redistribute.

How Do I Contribute?

We welcome contributions and modifications to the site. To contribute, join the email list. In the welcome message you'll be told the Wiki password.

All text, pictures, and other non-software resources added or uploaded to this site must be freely redistributable. All software uploaded to the site must be under an open-source license:

  • Non-Java libraries must be distributed under either an unrestricted academic license (our preference is AFL) or barring that, under the LGPL.
  • Java libraries should if at all possible be distributed under an academic license (we prefer AFL). FSF's claims notwithstanding, there are in fact conflicts between LGPL and Java libraries.
  • Separate applications may be distributed under an academic license (again, we suggest AFL), LGPL, or GPL.
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