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27 August 2015

  • Changes too numerous and wonderous to mention.
  • Upgraded the vision system to bring it back to the RPI Foundation drivers.
    • Ported all of the sample projects to the new vision system.

21 June 2014

  • Rolled in uv4l driver. Good results.
  • Testing uv4l driver to replace v4l2
  • Added arc_robot/arc_robot_wait to allow driving on an arc with specified distance from center and desired angle.
  • Added get_angle() which gets the direction of the robot relative to the position of the last reset_odometer().
  • Added full ramp up and down for all robot motions
  • Rewrote mote code to reduce program memory used on the motes ahead of the next feature

2 June 2014

  • Added HFA implementation to the dynamically loaded behaviors.

1 June 2014

  • Modified the behaviors to do lexographic sorting.

29 May 2014

  • Changed Motes to use floats for up to 8 pheromones, allows over the air timer/decay updates.

28 May 2014

  • Created branches and a trunk for better SVN management.
  • Added odometer_reset() to the API. DMR through socket.

21 Apr 2014

  • Modified the drive system to drive straight from a halt.

17 Apr 2014

  • Added an odometer. In the sensor packet, Speed is now Odometer. Odometer reset is DMR.

13 Apr 2014

  • Added a Diagnostic program for the Motes.
  • Fixed a bug in burn-nodeid to allow an id of 0.
  • Fixed the C behavior compile to be for updated sources only.
  • Fixed a <= 5 degree/ <= 5cm distance never-completing bug.

12 Apr 2014

  • Fixed a socket bug that affected robots when closing the client connection before the last write back.
  • Added Raven's Barcode API
  • Added clear_lcd() to the API

8 Apr 2014

  • Pushed all of these changes to the repo, loaded all 8 robots.

7 Apr 2014

  • Linux
    • Added ~/flockbot/pi and . to the $PATH for convenience.
  • Behaviors
    • C Behavior selection now cleans and auto builds for you.
    • Behaviors can now talk to sockets, send to all clients.
  • Make system
    • Make run from ~/flockbot/pi will clean and build everything, including vision libs

5 Apr 2014

  • Socket Comms
    • Added Motion Complete to Socket Broadcast
      Sends DMC to all clients
    • Broadcast Sets
      • Add a Broadcast Set for Vision
        Send 3VS to start vision packets as data is sent. Send char* packets with [0] == length of msg to vision_sock[1]
        Send 3VF to stop vision packets
      • Add a Broadcast Set for Motes
        Send 3MS to start mote packets as data is received from the device.
        Send 3MF to stop mote packets
      • Add Mote Control
        Send 2WS to start the mote connection
        Send 2WF to stop the mote connection
      • Start Vision Processing
        Send <4+>VS<name> to start the <name> vision library processing
        Current library name options: zbar, barcode

4 Apr 2014

  • Vision
    • New CV Processing System is Operational
      Starts CV processing and camera capture on flockbot start, then blocks for vision library selection.
      Supports swapping between vision libraries during program runtime.
      Use shutdown_run() to stop the library before switching or ending your program.
    • Libraries
      • zbar is Fully Functional
        zbarcode_run() starts the processing using future socket command "zbar"
        int**zbarcode_get_barcodes() returns a 2d array. Row is identified barcode id. Col: 0-barcode, 1-x avg, 2-height
        zbarcode_get_cur_x(id) Gets the avg x of the barcode with specified id, only if it is still current
        zbarcode_get_last_x(id) Gets the avg x of the barcode with specified id
        zbarcode_start(RaspiCamCvCapture*) Internal to start the library from the vision processing system.
      • barcode is Functionally Operational (pending API)
        barcode_run() starts the processing using future socket command "barcode"
        barcode_get_barcodes() returns the id of the first barcode on the last scan
        barcode_start(RaspiCamCvCapture *) internal to start the library from the vision processing system.
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