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Wiring Guide - Flockbot

This is the current wiring for the prototype Flockbot with the Arduino Mega 2560 board.

Digital Arduino Connections

Digital 0V, TX, GND on Bitwizard BoB
Digital 1RX on Bitwizard BoB
Digital 3Interrupt (Pin A) on Left Wheel Watcher
Digital 4+, M, (B,-) on Left Wheel Watcher
(B and - are tied together with a < 10kOhm Pulldown
Digital 21Interrupt (Pin A) on Right Wheel Watcher
Digital 22+, M, (B,-) on Right Wheel Watcher
(B and - are tied together with a < 10kOhm Pulldown
Digital 44PWM to Gripper
Digital 46PWM to PiCam Servo
Digital 45PWM to Right Wheel Servo
Digital 6PWM to Left Wheel Servo
Digital 12High Bump

Analog Arduino Connections

Analog 1Right-Front Facing IR Sensor
Analog 2Left Facing IR Sensor
Analog 3Center IR Sensor
Analog 4Right Facing IR Sensor
Analog 5Left-Front Facing IR Sensor

Battery Indicator

The circuit consists of VCC portion of PWR_IN on the Arduino connected to a 51kOhm resistor and the GND connected to a 39kOhm resistor. The individual values should be 50kOhm and 40kOhm.

Connect the 51kOhm resistor to the 39kOhm resistor to form a loop. At the center, between the two resistors, solder in a wire. This wire will connect to Analog 5 on the Arduino. Cover all exposed wires with electrical tape and shrink wrap the entire line. This should appear to be a thick arch connecting PWR_IN with Analog 5.

Arduino Mega Pinout

The following is an exhaustive listing of all pins on the Arduino Mega 2560, and their attributes.

Digital Arduino Connections

Digital 0Serial 0 RX, USB-TTLV, TX, GND on Bitwizard BoBDigital 30  
Digital 1Serial 0 TX, USB-TTLRX on Bitwizard BoBDigital 31  
Digital 2Interrupt 0, PWM Digital 32  
Digital 3Interrupt 1, PWMInterrupt (Pin A) on Left Wheel WatcherDigital 33  
Digital 4PWM+, M, (B,-) on Left Wheel Watcher (B and - are tied together with a < 10kOhm PulldownDigital 34  
Digital 5PWM Digital 35  
Digital 6PWMPWM to Left Wheel ServoDigital 36  
Digital 7PWMLCD12864 ShieldDigital 37  
Digital 8PWMLCD12864 ShieldDigital 38  
Digital 9PWMLCD12864 ShieldDigital 39  
Digital 10PWMLCD12864 ShieldDigital 40  
Digital 11PWMLCD12864 ShieldDigital 41  
Digital 12PWMHigh BumpDigital 42  
Digital 13PWM, Top LEDLCD12864 ShieldDigital 43  
Digital 14Serial 3 TX Digital 44PWMPWM to Gripper
Digital 15Serial 3 RX Digital 45PWMPWM to Right Wheel Servo
Digital 16Serial 2 TX Digital 46PWMPWM to PiCam Servo
Digital 17Serial 2 RX Digital 47  
Digital 18Serial 1 TX, Interrupt 5 Digital 48  
Digital 19Serial 1 RX, Interrupt 4 Digital 49  
Digital 20Interrupt 3, SDA Digital 50SPI: MISO 
Digital 21Interrupt 2, SCLInterrupt (Pin A) on Right Wheel WatcherDigital 51SPI: MOSI 
Digital 22 +, M, (B,-) on Right Wheel Watcher (B and - are tied together with a < 10kOhm PulldownDigital 52SPI: SCK 
Digital 23  Digital 53SPI: SS 
Digital 24  Digital 54  
Digital 25  Digital 55  
Digital 26  Digital 56  
Digital 27  Digital 57  
Digital 28  Digital 58  
Digital 29  Digital 59  

Analog Arduino Connections

Analog 0 LCD12864 ShieldAnalog 8  
Analog 1 Right-Front Facing IR SensorAnalog 9  
Analog 2 Left Facing IR SensorAnalog 10  
Analog 3 Center IR SensorAnalog 11  
Analog 4 Right Facing IR SensorAnalog 12  
Analog 5 Left-Front Facing IR SensorAnalog 13  
Analog 6  Analog 14  
Analog 7  Analog 15  
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