GMU RoboCup Update

Post Image: GMU RoboCup Update

RoboCup humanoid league group picture. GMU robots shown in the red box.

GMU successfully completed its "personal challenge task" at RoboCup: to teach its team how to play collective soccer from scratch during the preparation time at the competition venue, rather than program it. This makes GMU quite different from other teams at RoboCup. Fast Company has written an article on the GMU team, complete with pictures. GMU won two games and lost two, and advanced to the final 16 in the Kid-Size Humanoid League.

GMU Goes to RoboCup

GMU is entering a humanoid soccer team to RoboCup in Brazil. GMU's team is unusual in that its soccer behaviors aren't hard-coded, but are trained, on the spot, at the RoboCup competition by the students through demonstrations on the soccer field. The resulting trained robots are then entered into the competition.

AP Story on RoboCup, including GMU's entry.

Computer Science Departmental Awards 2014

On May 14th, the Computer Science Department celebrated the accomplishments of their students, faculty and staff at the 2014 Annual Computer Science Graduation Celebration and Awards Dinner. The dinner honored the academic achievement of graduating students and the outstanding work of CS faculty, staff and teaching assistants. Listed below are a few of the many recognized at the evening's ceremony. A complete list of all award winners can be found here.

Christopher Vo Speaks at Smithsonian's The Future is Here Conference

Post Image: Christopher Vo Speaks at Smithsonian's The Future is Here Conference

PhD student Christopher Vo presented at the Smithsonian's The Future is Here Conference on the potential of personal and build-it-yourself drones. 

Sam Gelman to receive 2013 OSCAR Student Excellence Award

Congratulations to BS CS student Sam Gelman who will receive a 2013 OSCAR Student Excellence Award! This award recognizes and rewards outstanding undergraduate students who participate in research and creative activities.