Prof. Baldimtsi's research makes Bitcoin Transactions Harder to Track.

Prof. Baldimtsi in collaboration with researchers at North Carolina State University and  Boston University develops TumbleBit that makes  Bitcoin Transactions Harder to Track. See Details here.

Prof. Menasce wins premier State Award

Post Image: Prof. Menasce wins premier State Award

Prof. Menasce wins the 2017 Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), the highest award from the Commonwealth bestowed to faculty.

Prof. Kosecka and her students develop new algorithm critical for Self-Driving Cars

Prof. Kosecka and her group in collaboration with a California startup develop new technologies that make  self-driving car's bicycle problem go away. See story published here

Helping intelligence analysts make smart decisions.

Researchers at George Mason University led by Prof. Tecuci of CS department are developing a tool combining intelligent computer software and high-level crowdsourcing that will allow intelligence analysts to give sound advice to decision makers in high-pressure situations. The federal government’s Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) awarded researchers a highly competitive $7.4 million contract to research, develop and evaluate an intelligent analytical tool called Co-Arg, short for cogent argumentation system with crowd elicitation.

Vikingur Oskarsson wins Game Developers Conference Game Narrative Review competition for a second time.

Congratulations to Vikingur Oskarsson, who is now a two-time winner of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Game Narrative Review competition. Vikingur will present a poster at the Game Narrative Summit of this year's Game Developer Conference. Vikingur is an undergraduate student in the department's concentration in Computer Game Design. He previously won in 2015.