The Department of Computer Science offers a CS Honors Program for students with strong computational foundations and the drive to delve deeper into computing.  The program is based on the bachelor of science in computer science and applied computer science curriculum and is distinct from the University Honors College curriculum.

Students must be seeking a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science and must apply for entry into the CS Honors Program after completing 12 credits of CS courses.  Applicants must meet the GPA requirements outlined below to enter into the CS Honors Program.

CS Honors Program students must fulfill all standard courses required by the Bachelor of Science in CS or ACS degree as well as the following additional requirements:

  • GPA Requirement:   Students must maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.50 and a GPA of at least 3.50 for courses which count towards the BS/CS or BS/ACS major including math, natural sciences, and all CS/SWE courses.
  • Research Project Requirement: Students must complete a significant research project prior to graduation.  Students should seek out a CS faculty member willing to serve as their research advisor for the project.  The project should comprise original work by the student and be demonstrated via two channels: (1) written project report that is approved by the student’s research advisor and submitted to the department; (2) a presentation of the project to an audience of students and/or faculty.
  • Advanced Course Requirement: At least two Advanced Courses must be completed.  The complete list of acceptable advanced courses is presented here:
    • CS 540 - Language Processors
    • CS 550 - Database Systems
    • CS 551 - Computer Graphics
    • CS 555 - COmputer COmmunications and Networking
    • CS 571 - Operating Systems
    • CS 580 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    • CS 583 - Analysis of Algorithms
    • CS 584 - Theory and Applications of Data Mining

Download the CS Honors program brochure (PDF)