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Behavior API The home folder for behaviors is /home/pi/flockbot/behaviors and contains a folder for lua and C behaviors. C behaviors are dynamic libraries and must be made before use. Setup For C behaviors, the entry point is the following function:

void *start_behavior(void *args) { }

For Lua behaviors, the entry point is the following function:

function startBehavior() end

These commands are native to both C and Lua behaviors and perform the same function.

claw_open()Opens the Claw
claw_close()Closes the Claw
claw_grip_can()Closes the Claw on a Can
claw_set(setting)Takes values from 0-30 (0 is fully closed)
robot_stop()Stops the Robot
move_robot(speed)Positive speed is forward, negative for reverse
move_distance(speed, distance)Distance is in cm
move_wheels(speed_left, speed_right)Positive values are forward.
rotate_robot(speed)Rotates on center.
turn_robot(speed, degrees)Degrees are measured in degrees.
turn_left()90 degree left turn
turn_right()90 degree right turn
get_motion_complete()1 if the last prolonged motion completed, 0 otherwise
get_low_bump()1 for depressed, 0 for relaxed
get_high_bump()1 for depressed, 0 for relaxed
sleep(seconds)Seconds are measured in 1000 millisecond blocks
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Page last modified on November 16, 2013, at 11:00 PM