Point-based Minkowski Sum Boundary

Post Image: Point-based Minkowski Sum Boundary

Minkowski sum is a fundamental operation in many geometric applications, including robotics, penetration depth estimation, solid modeling, and virtual prototyping.

Tatiana Maximova receives Outstanding Research Presentation prize at 3DSIG

Congratulations to Tatiana Maximova for winning an "Oustanding Research Presentation Prize" at at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) Conference held in Orlando Florida, July 8-12, 2016. Dr. Maximova is a postdoctoral scholar working with Prof. Amarda Shehu.

Model Driven Compression of 3-D Tele-Immersion Data

Post Image: Model Driven Compression of 3-D Tele-Immersion Data

Data captured by a Tele-Immersion (TI) system can be very large. Compression is usually needed to ensure real-time data transmission.

Ken De Jong retires after 30 years at Mason, becomes Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Professor Ken De Jong has retired after 30 years as a faculty member at Mason. Ken joined the CS department in 1985 and has been a valuable member of the Mason community for over 30 years (rising to the rank of University Professor in 2009). His many contributions to the field of AI, to the CS department and to Mason were celebrated at a reception organized by the department earlier this year on April 15.

CS Graduation Celebration and Awards Dinner

Congratulations to all the outstanding students, faculty and staff who were recognized for their excellence at the annual CS Graduation Celebration and Awards dinner on Wednesday, May 11.