Prof. Domeniconi is the Conference Chair of SIAM SDM 2017

Prof. Carlotta Domeniconi is co-chairing the SIAM International Conference in Data Mining (2017) to be held in Houston, TX. 

CS Welcomes Largest Freshmen Class

Post Image: CS Welcomes Largest Freshmen Class

On Wednesday, September 20, 2016 the Computer Science Department held a welcome event for new CS and ACS majors to usher in the new academic year. 352 new students have enrolled as CS or ACS majors making it the largest incoming class in the history of the CS department. CS is the also the major with the largest freshmen class on campus.

Microtask Programming

Post Image: Microtask Programming
Can software be built through self-contained ten-minute contributions? In microtask crowdsourcing, transient contributors are given a short, well-defined task and an interface purpose-built for completing it. 

Towards Integrated Wireless Networking and Sensing using Millimeter-wave

Post Image: Towards Integrated Wireless Networking and Sensing using Millimeter-wave

Professor Parth Pathak’s research investigates the design of next generation of wireless networks that can provide very high data rate wireless links and enable smart indoor spaces.

Community and Topic Detection

Post Image: Community and Topic Detection

Community and topic detection in a research collaboration network from NSF awards granted by the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) between January 1995 and August 2014. The network (depicted here as a point cloud) connects PI and co-PIs who received funding from the same award. The coloring in the Figure above was made by modularity groups and the size was by degree.