Why doesn't the Applied CS degree have a CS-related requirement?

The requirement of several courses in the application discipline, e.g., software engineering, is in effect a much bigger CS-related requirement, related by being an area of application.

What courses can be used as approved electives for the ACS in Computer Game Design degree?

The following courses are approved electives:

  • CS332 Object-Oriented Software Design and Implementation
  • CS455 Computer Communications and Networking
  • CS475 Concurrent and Distributed Systems
  • CS477 Mobile Application Development
  • CS480 Artificial Intelligence 
  • CS485 Autonomous Robotics 
  • SWE432 Design and Implementation of Software for the Web
  • GAME332 Story Design for Computer Games
  • AVT370 Entrepreneurship in the Arts
  • AVT374 Sound and Vision 
  • AVT487 Advanced Digital Media

Can CS225, CS325, CS 351, CS425, or CS426 be used to fulfill any BS CS requirements?

  • CS225 does not fill any BS CS requirements
  • CS325 can be counted toward a CS minor and can be used as a CS Related Elective
  • CS351 can be used as a CS Related Elective
  • CS425 can be used as a Senior CS
  • CS426 can be used as a CS Related Elective

What are the differences between the BS ACS Game Design concentration and the BFA Game Design degree offered by the College of Visual and Performing Arts?

The BFA degree focuses on the artistic components of game design. The BS-ACS Game Design concentration is a more technical degree. It has the same foundation as the BS CS degree, resulting in both a broad and deep understanding of computer science. It also has more rigorous math and science requirements than the BFA degree. The core of the BS ACS Game Design program focuses on providing students with the skills and experience necessary to design and develop games, including an understanding of the artistic processes related to game design.

What type of job opportunities might await someone with an BS ACS Game Design degree?

Obviously the knowledge and skills obtained by graduates of this degree are applicable to the entertainment industry, including both game and animation studios. Graduates are also sought by those in modeling and simulation and serious games. As the foundation of the BS ACS Game Design concentration is the same as the BS CS degree, more traditional computer science careers are also well within reach.