Faculty Mentors in the CS department.

Several faculty at the Computer Science Department love to involve students in research projects. Several of these projects are funded by the National Science Foundation in the form of Research Experiences for Undergraduates. Below you will find a list of faculty, along with their areas of interest and a short snippet of their proposed project. If you are interested, please contact them.

Faculty Name Interest Project New Hires
Sean Luke robotics, evolutionary computation NSF REU
Huzefa Rangwala data mining, bioinformatics NSF REU Project involves developing a recommender system for drug activity prediction. Yes
Amarda Shehu computational structural biology, bioinformatics NSF REU project in protein modeling Yes
Chris Kauffman protein structure prediction, optimization, programming languages Mentor URSP Proposals Yes
Kinga Dobolyi web applications, software engineering, software testing - Yes (summer only)
Jyh-Ming Lien geometry processing, robotics computational origami folding (NSF REU), tracking and following using unmanned vehicles , point-cloud data processing (NSF REU) Yes
Jessica Lin data mining NSF project on frequent pattern mining and anomaly detection in time series data Yes
Jana Kosecka computer vision, robotics feature and object tracking in video, object recognition, 3D modeling with Kinect sensor Yes
Yotam Gingold computer graphics, crowdsourcing, creativity, games crowd creativity, 3D modeling, gamification Yes