To ensure that students have an adequate background in mathematical methods and computer science, the program requires the following four foundation courses or their equivalents:

  • INFS 501 Discrete and Logical Structures for Information Systems
  • INFS 515 Computer Organization
  • INFS 519 Program Design and Data Structures
  • SWE 510 Object Oriented Programming in Java

Prospective students are asked to indicate on their application if previously taken courses may satisfy these foundation requirements. Provisional admission is offered if a student has some deficiencies in preparation, but is otherwise a strong applicant. In such cases, students are advised of the necessary foundation courses to be satisfactorily completed with a grade of B or better before beginning the core curriculum. Foundation courses do not earn credit toward the MS degree.

Students have one opportunity to test out of their required foundation courses before beginning their first semester. The exams are given before classes begin in January and August and can only be taken once. Students failing any one of the exams must take the equivalent course before enrolling in the core curriculum courses.

More information regarding the foundation courses and test out exams can be found on this page.