Modern information systems manage data, information and knowledge to support enterprise functions and decision making as well as human social activity over the Internet. Increasingly, these systems are distributed, collaborative, involve big data and hosted in the cloud. The mission of the MSIS program is to allow students of diverse baccalaureate and professional backgrounds obtain a high-quality MS degree that

  • Provides students with the theoretical knowledge and hands-on project experience needed to analyze, design, build, deploy, maintain, manage and promote effective organizational use of modern information systems, and
  • Prepares students for technical or managerial careers in information systems in large and small organizations in both industry and government.

Career paths open to graduates include technical and management positions. Technical positions include systems analyst, data administrator, database administrator, information architect, systems architect, decision analyst, data warehouse administrator, database programmer, web-based information systems designer and programmer, information engineer, and knowledge engineer. Management positions include chief information officer, chief knowledge officer, chief privacy officer and project manager.