Can I visit the department and meet the faculty?

Yes. We are happy to meet with prospective PhD students. Please send email to and one of our staff and faculty will get in touch with you to arrange your visit.

At a high level, what are the Admission Requirements?

The PhD requires a general GRE exam, and an undergraduate or graduate degree that includes sufficient academic preparation in Computer Science. Non-native speakers will need to submit TOEFL scores as well.

Do I need a Master's in CS to enroll in the PhD?

No: you can enroll directly from an undergraduate program. But once you are enrolled in the program, you will need to complete the equivalent coursework of a Master's in addition to the regular Ph.D work, and if you like you may pick up a Master's degree along the way as a result. Thus if you are planning on working towards a PhD, and can meet the entrance requirements, then there is no reason to apply for the MS first, and the PhD later: just apply directly to the PhD

If I have an MS already, is the PhD program shorter?

Yes. The course requirement for the PhD degree is 72 credit hours. Of these, at most 30 credit hours may be granted for an approved MS degree. 

If I cannot complete my PhD, can I still get an MS?

Yes. If while in the PhD you have completed all the requirements for a Master's degree, you may receive a Master's degree instead.

If I am in a  CS MS program, can I switch to PhD?

The PhD entrance requirements are more stringent than those for the MS. As a result, while you can freely shift from the PhD program to the MS program, you must apply to the PhD program to enter it, even if you are presently an MS student at GMU.

Do you offer Financial Aid for PhD students?

All full-time students admitted to the CS Ph.D. program are provided funding in the form of a teaching assistantship or fellowship. In addition, a variable number of Research Assistantships are available each year through faculty member’s research grants. Students interested in financial support should apply for Fall admission.

Do you accept unofficial copies of GRE and/or TOEFL scores? 

No. Note that delays in submitting official GRE and/or TOEFL scores will delay the processing of your application.

Do you accept unofficial transcripts of prior academic work?

Yes. We will evaluate your application using unofficial transcripts. However, upon admission, you will need to provide official transcripts before you can enroll in the program.

I'm applying from overseas. Do I need to hire a private agency to handle my transcript evaluation?

No. GMU will process the transcript evaluation for free as part of the admissions process.