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Though python runs great on the Gumstix, we only have initial libraries for the CMUCam2 and none for the Brainstem.

Python and Perl Binaries

The tarball python-arm.tar.gz is a working build of Python-ARM for the Gumstix, which resides in /mnt/mmc/python, and will only work in this location.

The file perl5.8.4.gz is a working build of Perl for the Gumstix which can reside anywhere, and it's minimal - perl interpreter only.

Recompiling Python and Perl on the Gumstix Toolchain

The main makefile compiles what is specified by the TARGETS variable. To compile Python and Perl, add a line to the man Gumstix buildroot makefile like: TARGETS+= python perl. When you run make, vanilla versions of Python and Perl are downloaded and compiled for the ARM architecture.

In the main Gumstix makefile, find the line that says:

 TARGETS+=u-boot jffs2root

Leave that uncommented, that target is the one that makes your root_fs_arm.

You might need to add the location of the cross compiler to your PATH variable, i.e.,


With these patches, Python should compile out of the box. If you get errors about wince.h and nwutil.h (Windows CE and some Netware stuff), just remove all references to those header files.

Communicating with the CMUCam2 over Serial via Python

We have some initial CMUCam2 code available here:

This code uses the serial daemon to talk out the serial port, just as the Java version does. You should use the same protocols as the Java version (including usage of the -strip flag -- see the serial daemon README).

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Page last modified on June 23, 2005, at 06:00 PM