To apply for graduation:

  • Whenever you register for classes using Patriot Web, you should confirm or declare an "expected graduation date."
  • When you reach your second to last semester (the semester before you intend to graduate), you must check your Degree Evaluation and that you have met all program requirements. For help with this, please see How to Perform a What-If Analysis. If there are any outstanding requirements at that time, you will not graduate. 
  • The Applications for Graduation are available via the Registrar's Graduation home page. Once you file for graduation online, the Registrar will notify the department and will make your form available online for your program director for final approval.
  • Complete a new Plan of Study if it has changed since your original plan. Please take this to your advisor and have them sign it;
  • Bring your plan of study to the CS department office (Engineering Building, Room 4300), and give it to one of the office staff for processing;
  • Be careful to plan ahead to meet the graduation filing deadlines;
  • Filing deadlines for each semester are generally at the end of the fifth week of classes for that semester. August graduates follow the deadlines for the previous May graduation;
  • Applying to graduate makes you ineligible to register for semesters following your intended graduation unless you are pursuing a different degree program (e.g. students graduating from a Master’s program but continuing to work on a PhD will not be blocked from future registrations);

Withdrawing your Application:

If you decide to delay your graduation to a future term, you must contact the Registrar’s Office to withdraw your graduation application.