This page reflects changes effective for students who start in Fall 2018 or later. If you started before Fall 2018, please look at the previous requirements.

The MS in Software Engineering (MS-SWE) program prepares students to become leaders in engineering high quality, large scale, computing solutions to real life problems.

Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete 30 credits corresponding to 10 graduate courses.

The course work is divided into three categories: 12 credits of core courses, software engineering related courses of 9 credits, and 9 credits of elective courses.

Core Courses (12 credits)

Four core courses are required of all MS-SWE graduates:

  • SWE 619 Object-Oriented Software Specification and Construction
  • SWE 621 Software Modeling and Architectural Design
  • SWE 632 User Interface Design and Development
  • SWE 637 Software Testing

Software Engineering Related Courses (9 credits)

Students must take three courses from the following list:

Software Engineering (SWE)

Computer Science (CS)

Information Security & Assurance (ISA)

Information Systems (INFS)
  • INFS 740 Database Programming for the World Wide Web

Operations Research (OR)
  • OR 542 Operations Research: Stochastic Models

NOTE: Credit will not be given for both INFS 614 and CS 550, or both SWE 622 and CS 675

Elective Courses (9 credits)

Students may select the remaining courses from the following list. Students may select courses not on this list with approval from the faculty advisor. Students, with the consent of a faculty sponsor and faculty advisor, may also complete a 6-credit thesis, which is primarily intended for students considering pursuing a PhD.

Additional Information

For additional information on the degree requirements of the MS in Software Engineering

  • The MS-SWE section of the Mason Catalog is the official source for the degree requirements of the program.
  • These slides from the orientation for new MS students provide an overview of the program, as well as additional useful information.

Academic Advising

A plan of study form for the MS Software Engineering degree should be completed by the student and approved by their academic advisor before the end of their second semester in the program. This serves as a planning guide for the student and should be kept up to date by regular consultation with their academic advisor. A final signed version of the plan must be included when the student submits a graduation application.

Plan of Study forms for all the MS degrees offered by the CS department are available at this web page.

For more information, please see the academic advising pages and the FAQ for Masters students.