Can I change MS programs?

Students can apply to transfer from one MS program to another within the same school by submitting a Graduate Change of Program form. The transfer needs to be approved by the program directors of both the programs. A minimum of 18 credits must be taken after transferring to a new degree program.

Note: If you want to change to a program outside of the Volgenau School, you will need to open a new application.

I was recently admitted to MS CS. Do I have to take CS 530 and CS 531?

Yes. If you were admitted to the MS CS program for the Fall 2019 semester or later, you are required to take both CS 530 and CS 531 as your first courses in the program. You do have the option to test out of CS 530 and CS 531 if you believe you have the requisite knowledge corresponding to the courses. If you fail the exams, you must take the courses in your first semester and the credits will be counted towards your degree as electives. If you pass the exams, you do not need to take the courses, but will be required to fulfill the credit requirement with other coursework chosen under advisement.

Note: The CS 530/CS 531 requirement cannot be waived or appealed.

I was admitted provisionally. How do I remove my provisional status?

In order to fulfill the provisional requirements of your admission, you must pass your foundation courses with a grade of B or better or pass the corresponding test out exams. Upon doing so, e-mail to request that your provisional status be removed.

I don't want to take the foundation courses. How can I skip the requirement?

Foundation course requirements cannot be skipped. If, however, you believe you have taken an equivalent course to any of those required with your provisional admission, you can submit a Foundation Course Appeal. Otherwise, you are required to pass the courses with a B or better or pass the corresponding test out exams.

Note: Appeals cannot be submitted for the courses CS 530 and CS 531.

I’m required to take INFS 501 as part of my provisional admission, but it is not being offered next semester. What should I do?

If INFS 501 is not being offered, you may take MATH 125 Discrete Mathematics in its place to satisfy the provisional admission requirement. Please consult the program director of your MS program before registering for MATH 125.

I don't satisfy the prerequisite for a class, but I have the background experience. Can I take the class?

Generally, no. However, the instructor can grant approval for you to take the class if they determine that your prior academic preparation is sufficient.

How do I get permission to take an elective course that is not on the pre-approved list for my degree program?

You will need to get permission from the director of your degree program before taking a course that is not on the list of pre-approved electives. Please see the list of program directors here.

I took an undergraduate course that appears to be equivalent to one of the core courses in my MS program. Can I skip the core course?

No. Graduate courses cover more material and are more challenging than the corresponding courses at the undergraduate level.

How can I get a GTA position?

Applications for GTA positions will be available each semester through Handshake. Positions are posted well in advance of the start of each semester. More information about assistantships can be found here.

How do I apply for graduation?

See this page for details on applying for graduation.