Can I switch between MS programs?

Students can apply to transfer from one MS program to another. The transfer needs to be approved by the program directors of both the programs. Note that a minimum of 18 credits must be taken after transferring to a new degree program. Use the Graduate Change of Program form available at the Registrar's forms page.

I was admitted provisionally. How do I remove the provisional status?

After you have satisified the provisions that were listed in your letter of admission, you need to submit an application to remove the provisional status.

I don't want to take the foundation courses. How can I skip the requirement?

Students may appeal the requirement that they take a foundation course, if they believe they already have a mastery of the material covered in that course. See this page for more details. The best way to demonstrate that you know the material covered in a foundation course is to take the corresponding testout exam and pass it.

I was asked to take INFS 501 - Discrete Structures as part of my provisional admission to the MS-SWE/ISA/ISYS program, but it is not being offered next semester.

If INFS 501 is not being offered, you can take MATH 125 - Discrete Mathematics in its place to satisfy the provisional admission requirement. Please consult the program director of your MS program before registering for MATH 125. 

I don't satisfy the prerequisite for a class but I have the background. Can I take the class?

Generally, no. However, the instructor for a class can let you into the class if she judges that your prior academic preparation is sufficient.

I want to take a course as an elective but it is not on the preapproved list. How do I obtain permission to take the course so that it will count towards my degree?

You will need to get permission from the director of the program.

For my undergrad degree, I took a course that appears to be equivalent to one of the core courses in my MS program. Can I skip the core course?

Generally, no. Graduate courses cover more material and are more challenging than the corresponding courses at the undergraduate level. 

How can I get a GTA position?

See this page for more information on applying for a GTA position.

How do I apply for graduation?

See this page for details on applying for graduation.