Can I test out of any course?

The CS Dept. does not currently offer credit by exmination of any courses.

Other departments sometimes offer credit by examinations. Please contact the appropriate department for information about testing out of non-CS classes.

Can I get credit for "life" or "work" experience?

Only coursework earned at an accredited college or university is accepted for credit towards a degree in Computer Science. However, it is occasionally possible to use an internship as part of the course work for completion of CS 498, an elective for independent study. Please note the following procedure for obtaining approval to enroll in CS 498:

The work for a CS 498 should be at a level that goes beyond an existing 400-level CS course, draws substantially on such a course, and is not otherwise available. Being an intern is not sufficient, though it is possible that some of the work done as an intern may be compatible and make a goodly contribution to the CS 498 activity and results.

  • The student finds a faculty member willing to supervise the work.
  • The two of them reach agreement on the topic.
  • The student prepares a plan, including specification of deliverables, and presents it to the faculty member for signed approval.
  • The student fills out an enrollment form and leaves it with the staff in the CS office, along with the plan, the name of the faculty member and that person's signature of approval on the form for the plan and the 498. The office staff gets these materials to the chair for consideration.
  • If the chair approves, the staff processes the form.

What AP Credit Can I Get?

See Advanced Placement Credit.