Students may appeal the requirement that they take a foundation course, if they believe they already have a mastery of the material covered in that course.

To appeal, you must submit a foundation course appeal form along with a letter that explains both the reason for your appeal and the new information you are providing that was not included in your original admission materials. Any appeal submitted without this letter will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed by the department. Appeals must be filed in the CS Department Office prior to the date of the test out exams of your first semester in the CS department and only after signing your provisional/contingent admission contract.

Students (including those whose appeal to waive the foundation course requirement is denied) may test out to prove they have the requisite knowledge for the foundations course. The exams are given before classes begin in January and August and can only be taken once. Detailed information is available on the department's web page for the test-out exams. Students failing any one of the exams must take the equivalent course before enrolling in the core curriculum courses.