In addition to the existing program requirements, MS CS degree students with a concentration in Machine Learning must satisfy the following requirements.

Students must take 5 courses from the following categories:


  • CS 584 Theory and Applications of Data Mining
  • CS 688 Machine Learning

Choose 2-3 elective courses:

  • CS 657 Mining Massive Datasets with MapReduce
  • CS 681 Instructable Cognitive Agents
  • CS 747 Deep Learning
  • CS 782 Advanced Machine Learning

Choose 0-1 related course:

  • CS 580 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 687 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 685 Autonomous Robotics
  • CS 682 Computer Vision

Thesis (optional)

Students, with the consent of a faculty sponsor and faculty advisor, may also elect a 6-credit thesis (CS 799 Thesis). The thesis must be guided and approved by a committee of three faculty members and presented to the committee. If the faculty advisor and the program director agree that the thesis is appropriate for the concentration the student will need to complete the two courses from category 1 and one course from category 2 in addition to the thesis to complete the concentration requirements.