What Can My Faculty Advisor Do?

A faculty advisor can:

  • Help you decide which courses to take
  • Help you evaluate your degree progress
  • Answer general questions pertaining to your academics and coursework

How do I find out who my faculty advisor is?

The CS Department maintains a list of advisors for each student. You should stop by the department office which is located in ENGR 4300 to obtain the name of your faculty advisor if it has not already been emailed to you.

When are advisors assigned?

Faculty advisors are assigned to students upon admittance to the CS program, shortly after the semester begins.

How do I meet with my advisor?

Bring your degree progress report or academic transcript with you any time you go to speak to your advisor! For CS 110 and 330, also bring the Undergraduate Advisor Check List [PDF].

If you have an academic question or a question that the staff cannot answer, ask your faculty advisor. All faculty members maintain office hours for their advisees, and/or class students. These hours are posted on the CS "Student Information" bulletin board outside Room 4300 in the Engineering Building or online at Faculty Office Hours.

You may see your advisor on a walk-in basis during these times, or make an appointment by email. Many routine questions can be answered by email. To make the most productive use of time with your advisor, please bring a copy of your current degree audit with you.

Don't wait until just before your registration time to attempt to meet with your advisor! 

What if my faculty advisor isn't available?

If your advisor is proving impossible to meet with, contact the CS Staff (room 4300) and let them know who your current advisor is, and they will figure out what to do. If you need advising and after repeated attempts can't get ahold of your advisor, see the Undergraduate Chair (also in room 4300), who can help advise you in lieu of your advisor (by appointment). Be sure to bring evidence of repeated attempts, e.g. emails on multiple occasions. 

Can I change my faculty advisor? 

You may request a change of advisors from the CS Staff in room 4300. Some faculty advisors may not be assigned new advisees due to their current overload of advisees.