How do I satisfy the ethics requirements?

BS-ACS and BS-CS majors are required to take both CS 110 and CS 306, which fulfill the ethics requirement.

What section of English 302 should I take?

All majors in the CS department must take the "natural sciences" section of ENGH 302. Their sections begin with N-.

Which natural science courses should I take?

Twelve credits of natural science courses intended for scientists and engineers are required in the natural sciences for BS CS majors (see the listing in the catalog, under Natural Sciences). Each course is either a 4-credit combined lecture and lab, or a 3-credit lecture and a separate 1-credit lab. BS CS majors need two of these in sequence as well as a third on the approved list.

If you are an ACS major, check the GMU catalog (under your particular BS ACS concentration requirements.)

What courses can I take for the literature requirement?

The list of approved literature courses can be found in the Mason Core Exploration Requirements section of the GMU catalog.

What courses can I take for the humanities requirement?

For students under the 16-17 catalog and older, you must complete at least 3 credit hours in the humanities in addition to the Mason Core requirements. This can be any course that satisfies the general education core requirements in literature, fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, or global understanding. Look in the catalog under "Mason Core" scroll to "Core Requirements" for the list of approved courses.

What courses can I take to meet the  Mason Core IT Ethics requirement?

CS 110 is required for all CS and ACS degree programs and satisfies the IT Ethics requirements. CS 105 satisfies it as well for older catalog years.

What courses can I take for the synthesis requirement?

CS 306 is required for all CS and ACS degree programs and satisfies the Mason Core Synthesis requirement. 

How do I satisfy the "general elective" requirement?

A general elective is a course that does not fulfill any major requirement. It can be a course from any school within the university and should be a subject you are interested in learning about. It does not have to be a CS course. In fact, most courses will satisfy the general elective requirement. Exceptions include courses specifically excluded from CS major credit (primarily remedial courses, such as MATH 105, Military Science courses, and any more than 3 RECR credits starting with the 17-18 catalog year).