When am I allowed to retake a course for a grade?

The GMU catalog policy AP.1.3.4 covers repeatability in general.

Except for courses that are repeatable for additional credit, such as special topics courses (like CS 499), undergraduate degree students may repeat courses for which they seek a higher grade. A grade received in a repeated course will replace a grade in prior takings of the same course in the calculation of the cumulative GPA, even if the more recent grade is lower. Repeat rules apply to the same course and to courses designated in the catalog as equivalent. Repeat rules apply throughout a student’s academic history. All instances of courses and their grades remain part of the student’s transcript. Duplicate credit is not given. No adjustment to the cumulative GPA will be made when the grade in the repeated course is W. A grade in a Mason course will not be excluded from the cumulative GPA based on a subsequent taking of an equivalent course at a transfer institution. The exclusion of earlier grades of repeated courses will not change the academic standing or dean’s list notations for the earlier semester. Note that individual programs may disallow students from retaking certain high-demand courses simply for the purpose of improving their grade.

Is there a policy on the number of times I can repeat a course?

Yes. Students can repeat a CS or SWE class once without departmental approval. Taking the class a third time will require department approval for registration. If you are a computer science major, you should meet with your advisor first before contacting the department to request a third attempt.

See also the catalog's policy on termination from the major (AP.5.2.4).

If I receive a C- or D in a course intended to satisfy a prerequisite for a CS course, must I retake that course?

Yes. You must retake any course that is intended to satisfy a prerequisite for a CS course if you do not receive a C or better in that course.

How do I obtain an "Incomplete" if I cannot complete the work for a course?

If you know that it will be impossible for you to complete the requirements, you may request the course instructor to give you an Incomplete. The two of you need to have a clear understanding about what you must do to get the Incomplete changed to a letter grade and by what date that material is to be submitted. A written agreement is sometimes used. In any case, the University deadline is the 9th week of the following Spring or Fall semester. Please be aware by university policy, incompletes are given only under extenuating circumstances, and only when a student has performed satisfactorily in the class up to that point.

What are Academic Action Messages and what do they mean?

There are the following Academic Action Messages for Undergraduates:

  • Warning
  • Probation
  • First Suspension
  • Second Suspension
  • Dismissal
  • 13 Credit hour rule

For information about what each of these messages mean, see the Registrar's page on the topic.