Completion of the MS in Software Engineering requires 10 graduate courses (30 credits). The coursework is divided into three categories:  a breadth requirement of 12 hours of core courses, a depth requirement of 9 hours of software engineering courses, and 9 hours of elective courses.

Four core courses are required of all MS-SWE graduates:

Students must take three courses from a list of software-engineering related courses and three courses from a list of pre-approved electivesStudents may select courses not on this list with approval from their faculty advisor. Students, with the consent of a faculty sponsor and faculty advisor, may also complete a 6-credit thesis, which is primarily intended for students considering pursuing a PhD.

For additional information on the degree requirements of the MS-SWE program:

  • The M.S. in Software Engineering section of the Mason Catalog is the official source for the degree requirements of the program.
  • These slides from the orientation for new MS students provide an overview of the program, as well as additional useful information.
  • The web pages for current MS SWE students include more detailed information on the coursework and requirements of the program
  • For information on the admissions requirements for the MS-SWE program, see this web page.
  • For answers to FAQs, see this web page